Empowering the Minds of Filipino Youth: Transforming Lives through Education

Programa Genio, established in 2012, empowers Filipino youth and adults through transformative education. We collaborate with the Department of Education and private sector donors to provide equal educational opportunities and skills training to maximize personal growth for Filipino youth, particularly those in disadvantaged circumstances. We also partner with the Alternative Learning System to offer youth and adults skills and livelihood training.

Be a part of this transformative journey that empowers Filipino youth. Our programs provide inclusive, long-lasting education that unlocks their full potential. Our holistic approach combines an improved curriculum, interactive teacher training, and engaging learning materials for overall growth.

Let’s work together to build a dynamic society and change lives.

Our impact on education in communities

Our impact on education in communities

Take part in evolving these communities with us

Students taught from Kinder to Grade 12
Students career coached
Teachers upskilled
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Inequities and gaps in education persist in the Philippines, leaving millions needing quality education. Bridging these gaps is essential to empower Filipino youth and create a more inclusive society.

Out-of-School Youth
In 2019, 3.8 million out-of-school youth aged 6 to 24 in the Philippines missed out on essential education.
Disparities in Basic Education
Unequal education exists due to regional and socio-economic disparities, with remote areas needing more infrastructure, resources, and qualified teachers.
High Dropout Rates
Students in the Philippines encounter various challenges to their education and career aspirations due to poverty, limited resources, long travel, and child labor.
Digital Divide
COVID-19 has revealed the digital divide in education, especially for rural and low-income students without reliable internet and devices, making remote or blended learning difficult and worsening the education gap.

As an ALS teacher, we need to be flexible. And there are many factors affecting our emotions. So it’s a good thing that we have this kind of training that really helps us. We can use all the principles in classrooms and also in educating our ALS learners.

Rosaieo C. Grevialde | ALE Teacher, Sorsogon Province Division
Rosaieo C. Grevialde
ALE Teacher, Sorsogon Province Division