Joining our cause through volunteering your time and skills is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos and preserve our natural heritage.

There are various ways to get involved, from one-time contributions to ongoing partnerships. Your participation in AFI's advocacies or programs can create a positive ripple effect, generating change that will benefit our community and environment.

We're interested in suggestions for possible volunteer opportunities that leverage your skillset or expertise. Contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities at AFI International or AFI Philippines that match your skillset.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grants, also known as Dollars for Doers, are one type of corporate giving program where companies offer monetary donations to nonprofit organizations to recognize their employees' volunteer efforts. These grants are usually awarded based on the number of hours an employee has volunteered or the events they have participated in. These grants provide an excellent opportunity for employees to give back to their communities while also receiving employer support. Nonprofits can use these grants to further their mission and positively impact the world.

How the volunteer grant process works

Step 1: Individual Volunteer Checks for Grant Eligibility

Suppose the volunteer contributes their time to the nonprofit. In that case, the organization may suggest they look into their eligibility for a volunteer grant by utilizing a corporate giving database available through their employer.

Step 2: Forms Submitted

The individual can explore their eligibility for a volunteer grant through their employer's corporate giving database, which is recommended by the nonprofit organization they regularly assist. They can then submit a grant request application to their company using an electronic or paper form available through the database links.

Step 3: Company Review and Funds Granted

After the company reviews the volunteer grant application, they verify with the nonprofit organization that the person has volunteered with them.

The company sends a check to the nonprofit.