Workplace Giving and Gift Matching

Matching Gift Programs

What are Matching Gift Programs or Employer-matched giving?

One of the easiest ways to amplify your gift to AFI is by participating in your employer's matching gift program or CSR platforms such as Benevity, Millie, Selflessly, SmartSimple, YourCause, Bright Funds, Charityvest, and CyberGrants. Corporate gift matching is an excellent way for your employer to increase the impact of your donation to AFI by matching your contribution. Depending on the employer, there are different conditions and criteria for matching gifts.

Many companies, including corporations, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and associations, match their employees' charitable contributions, sometimes doubling the initial gift amount. During these challenging times, your employer's matching gift program is precious to AFI's fundraising efforts.

There are different methods for submitting matching gift requests, such as through your employer's CSR platform, online forms, or a paper form that you can submit to AFI. Companies may match personal gifts like cash, stocks, and the value of your volunteer time. Additionally, donations from employee spouses, retirees, and board members may be eligible for matching.

Employee Giving (CSR) Platforms:

If your employer utilizes an employee giving platform, you can select ABS-CBN Foundation International or any of our programs as the beneficiary of your donations or volunteering. You can find us on Benevity, Millie, Selflessly, SmartSimple, YourCause, Bright Funds, Charityvest, and CyberGrants. AFI's Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) is 94-3292281. If your company uses another platform or you don't see us listed, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

More Ways to Give at Your Workplace

Payroll Giving

You can donate to AFI through your paycheck using payroll giving. It's a tax-free way to support a great cause. If your company doesn't currently offer payroll giving, it might be worth suggesting it as an option.

Bring AFI to your workplace. Fundraise for or sponsor a cause

Contact us if your employer still needs a workplace giving program or would like to include AFI in your existing program. We can help your company develop a workplace giving program through a variety of ways, such as online donation pages to support employee giving, matching gift campaigns, and peer-to-peer fundraising options.

You can also sponsor an AFI cause by creating a peer-to-peer fundraiser through your employer's CSR platform. Employee fundraising features vary from platform to platform.

Volunteer (Volunteer Grants)

Make an impact by sharing your time and expertise. If you want to create positive change and are dedicated to providing diverse communities with a bright future, joining AFI as a volunteer might be your perfect decision.

You can amplify your efforts by inquiring about volunteer grants in your employer's charitable contribution program. These grants allow employees to contribute to their communities while their employers offer monetary donations to nonprofit organizations to recognize their employees' volunteer efforts. The nonprofits can use these donations to advance their goals and positively impact society.