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Support from grantmakers represents an essential component of AFI’s impact on child welfare, education, entrepreneurship, disaster response, and the environment. Together with our funding partners around the world, we bring a unique value to community development work through transformative programs and advocacy campaigns that enable the underpriviledged and build sustainable communities.

The most useful grants are unrestricted and allow us to use the funding where it is needed most. Grants can also be restricted for specific programs, themes, or geographic areas.

Our Approach

We tackle the conditions that cause inequities and hurdles in our communities first. We ask questions and challenge assumptions. What are the root causes of issues in child welfare, economic development, the environment, and lack of relief? What can we do to change the power dynamics that make these conditions persist?

These questions inform the five categories into which our work falls:

Become a Strategic Partner

We work with corporate, foundations, organizations, and individual donors to help transform our communities.


AFI builds impactful partnerships with a diverse portfolio of corporations that share our vision of investing in our community programs.

Philantrophic Individuals

We work with generous individuals, family foundations, wealth advisors and donor-advised funds to develop giving strategies that map to issues they care about.

Foundations and organizations

Foundations and organizations partner with AFI to fulfill their individual missions and help us achieve positive outcomes for children.


“ALKFI has been a strong partner these past years, and we truly feel that through this partnership, we are able to improve lives, and change the trajectory of health for humanity.”

Sean O. Zantua
HR Lead, Johnson and Johnson (Philippines)

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Strong track record

30+ years of successful advocacy and project implementation

Transparency + Credibility

Fully compliant with all PH regulations for non-profits

Tax benefits

Receive tax benefits for your donations

Donor reporting

Get a report on how your donations are making an impact

Employee Giving

Variety of opportunities for employee participation


Strong media and community presence

Let's work together

Ready to make a difference with your philanthropic giving? Let us know how we can help make an impact with your program.

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