Make an Impact: Share Expertise and Resources through AFI’s Volunteering Opportunities

AFI welcomes corporations to lend their expertise and resources on a pro-bono basis to provide education, marketing, business and technology solutions.

Corporate volunteering has evolved, offering more flexibility than ever before. Employees can make a significant difference in the communities we serve through field, virtual, or skills-based volunteering. We collaborate closely with your company to identify volunteering opportunities that align with your core business values, leveraging the specialized skills of your workforce. Together, we can determine the most impactful ways for your employees to participate and give back to the causes they deeply care about.

Here are key volunteering options for your employees to consider:

  • Field volunteering: Engage in physical projects and programs that benefit the community, individually or as a team.
  • Virtual volunteering: Connect with communities globally, contributing to committees, boards, managing volunteer projects, or providing administrative support remotely.
  • Skills-based volunteering: Utilize your employees’ expertise and abilities to support worthy causes pro bono, often completed virtually within specific timeframes.

Benefits of Skills-Based Volunteering: Empowering Companies and Employees

Discover the advantages:

  • For Companies:

    • Leadership skill development
    • Strong workplace culture
    • Enhanced employer brand
  • For Employees:

    • Improved mental health
    • Increased gratitude and connection
    • Expanded networks
    • Soft skill development

“The reason we chose ABS-CBN Foundation was because it’s close to home. Since I’m working in ABS. We supported the scholarship advocacy because we want to see through. As much as our small business will afford, one kid at a time. That’s the goal. It does not need to be instantly many. Even if it is just one child, (we believe) it will create a difference.””

Marc “Macoy” Infante
Owner, Tahanan Scents

Skills-based volunteering opportunities at AFI

AFI provides skills-based volunteering opportunities where employees can use their professional experience and expertise pro bono to serve better their communities and those who rely on them. It’s a commitment made by many companies and individuals who want to leverage their skill sets to create social impact.

Enhance your social impact through various pro bono support options:

  • Teacher Mentors:
    Assist teachers with lesson planning, sharing resources, professional development workshops, subject matter expertise, and technology integration.
  • Website Content Writer:
    Assist with creating and maintaining engaging, informative, and user-friendly content on AFI's website; ensures content is optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Email Campaign Writer:
    Assist with designing and writing email campaigns for various purposes, including fundraising appeals, event invitations, newsletters, and updates.
  • Grant Proposal and Report Writer:
    Assist with preparing and crafiting grant applications, proposals, and reports to obtain funding from corporation, foundations, government agencies, and other sources.

Contact us for more information about skills-based volunteering and other volunteer opportunities with AFI International or AFI Philippines.

Why choose Skills-based volunteering:

Skills-based volunteering could be the perfect option if you want to make a difference and give back to your community.

Remote opportunities

Volunteer from anywhere, anytime, making it ideal for flexible schedules and remote work environments.

Leverage expertise to create impact

Utilize professional skills and hobbies to make a meaningful impact, helping AFI achieve more with limited resources.


Choose from micro-volunteering tasks to short--, mid-, and long-term projects, fitting various time commitments.

Let's work together

Ready to make a difference with your philanthropic giving? Let us know how we can help make an impact with your program.

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