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The Story

In October of 2000, Bantay Kalikasan – the Foundation’s environmental arm, the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Philippine Recyclers Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement to actively campaign for the recycling of used lead-acid batteries. Dubbed as Bantay Baterya Project, it aims to collect used lead-acid batteries for recycling into fresh raw materials to produce new batteries and aid in the eradication of pollutants.

To achieve a bigger impact, Bantay Langis Project was rolled out 7 years later – with the goal to collect used industrial and cooking oils for proper disposal and recycling through re-refining.

And finally, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) was deployed in 2018 to ensure that beyond oil and batteries, hazardous waste is also collected, treated, and disposed of properly.

Used lead batteries collected for recycling, recovery, and treatment
6,263,698 kg+
Used oil collected for recovery, refining, and treatment
3,821,043 l+
WEEE collected for disposal and recovery of precious materials and treatment


Lead batteries are considered toxic waste as they contain lead and sulfuric acid. Used oils, whether petroleum or synthetic-based, become hazardous due to impurities like dirt, metals, and chemicals during regular use. Their improper disposal, including pouring down drains or onto the ground, can lead to water and groundwater contamination, posing risks due to heavy metals and additives present, while mishandling used motor oil without proper protection has been linked to cancer. WEEE, one of the fastest growing waste streams is also extremely hazardous. Electric goods contain heavy materials that can pollute soil and water and are dangerous to human health.

As such, all this waste must be handled, treated, and disposed of properly by expert transporters, recyclers, and treaters. Otherwise, they pose a serious threat to our health and our environment.


Bantay Kalikasan’s BB/BL/WEEE model is relatively simple. First, they request companies for their donations of used lead batteries, oil, and WEEE that have already been earmarked for disposal. The program then works with accredited transporters, recyclers, and treaters to ensure proper transport, recovery, treatment, and disposal of these hazardous wastes, thus promoting sustainable consumption and protecting human life from hazardous pollutants.

Impact of Your Donation

our donated lead batteries, used oils, and WEEE will be turned to gold! Transporters appraise the value of the used batteries and oils and remit the amount to the Foundation – to be used for Bantay Kalikasan’s conservation efforts.