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Disaster Preparedness

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The Story

SK is taking the next step in its extensive disaster risk reduction approach with Disaster Preparedness Training. The program goes beyond delivering humanitarian aid and rehabilitation, which SK has been doing for decades. It recognizes the crucial role of disaster preparedness in protecting lives and reducing the impact of disasters.


Natural disasters are widespread in the Philippines, and millions of Filipinos feel their catastrophic effects yearly. While many disaster-resilient programs have been implemented in the past in different areas of the country, much must be accomplished, especially for communities in far-flung places.


Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to disaster risk management, SK aims to work with a network of experts and other organizations to implement comprehensive and area-specific disaster preparedness training.

Impact of Your Donation

Your contribution will help build disaster-resilient communities and bring sustainable impact by empowering them through strengthening their disaster preparedness knowledge and skills. By donating, you can become a catalyst for resilience, helping us secure a better and more resilient future for Filipino families.