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The Story

Child Safe Schools and Communities is a new program Bantay Bata launched to strengthen child protection systems in schools and communities. Bantay Bata does this by partnering with schools and helping them formulate their contextualized Child Protection Policy and Program, providing Advocacy Kits to replicate the project, and supporting the school/barangay through information campaigns on child protection.

Children reached for children's rights awareness
Children reached for children's rights awareness
Schools and communities assisted in 2022
School personnel & PTA trained
Schools partnered for Child Protection Policy and Program Creation


8 out of 10 Filipino children are abused in different settings. Online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) is also a rising form of child abuse in the Philippines, calling for schools (a child's second home) to actively participate in the protection of the youth. However, while some schools know the importance of a Child Protection Policy and Program, they have limited knowledge of implementing it effectively.


Through the Child Safe Schools and Communities project, Bantay Bata helps schools, a common ground for protecting children's best interests, formulate their Child Protection Policy and Program that is tailored to their needs. They also deliver child protection and parenting talks that discuss important topics such as mental health, child's rights, parenting with love, and online sexual exploitation and abuse to create community awareness to protect Filipino children.

Child Safe Schools aims to create a safe and nurturing environment through the following program components:

  1. Formulation of the school's Child Protection Policy and Program: We work closely with Schools Division Offices to develop comprehensive policies prioritizing child protection and well-being within school settings.
  2. Provision of advocacy kits: We provide schools with resources and materials on child protection, empowering educators and staff to create a safe environment.
  3. Child Protection and Parenting Talks: We conduct informative sessions to educate parents, teachers, and community members about child protection, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure children's safety.
  4. Children's Rights and Responsibilities: We promote awareness and understanding of children's rights, empowering them to assert their rights and actively participate in their own protection.
  5. "Kamustahan" (How are you?): We establish channels for open communication, providing a safe space for children to express their feelings and concerns.
  6. Parenting with Love: We offer guidance and support to parents, helping them build healthy relationships with their children and create a loving and nurturing home environment.
  7. Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children: We raise awareness about the dangers of online exploitation and provide education on how to protect children from these threats.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation will support Bantay Bata and its partner schools in creating child-protected spaces and safeguarding children and youth from exploitation and abuse.

Please stand with us in our mission to ensure the future generation is protected and free from abuse and harm!