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The Story

Bantay Bata Helpline 163, the pioneering Child Helpline in the Philippines, is dedicated to safeguarding children's lives. With your support, we aim to create a child-safe Philippines where child welfare, mental health, and child safety are our priorities. As a member of Child Helpline International, our impact extends globally, championing the rights of children in need.

Since its launch on February 14, 1997, as a helpline, licensed social workers from Helpline 163 continue to handle reports of abuse, provide valuable guidance to children and their families, and facilitate psychosocial support services. Initially only available via phone call, Helpline 163 has extended its platforms and can be reached via email and Facebook Messenger. Individuals can also avail themselves of a complementary 1-hour talk therapy session through these channels.

Bantay Bata has broadened its scope and helped thousands of children through calls, counseling, medical assistance, and housing/reintegration.

Children and families assisted since 1997
Individuals served in 2022
Cases handled in 2022
  • Over 70,000 children for medical assistance under Bantay Kalusugan
  • Over 7,000 scholars with Bantay Edukasyon * 2004: A Children’s Village (CV) in Bulacan was opened, and it currently houses over 100 abandoned and street children
  • 2019: Over 25,000 individuals trained via Capacity Building Initiatives
  • 2019: Partnership with Child Helpline International (CHI) for the first International Convention in the Philippines for the “ACT TO EVAC CAMPAIGN” or Advocate, Collaborate, and Train to End Violence Against Children


80% of Filipino children have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime, revealing a distressing reality of abuse and neglect prevalent among the youth in the country. There also continues to be a lack of affordable and accessible psychosocial support services. The numerous reports of abuse also magnify the importance of a helpline ready to respond to these cases.


We create programs to help distressed children by responding to reports of abuse through Bantay Bata Helpline 163 and connecting them with appropriate agencies. We provide guidance, counseling, and psychological first aid to help them heal and regain their self-worth. Our free psychological counseling sessions offer an hour of talk therapy to those in need. Let's work together to support children by prioritizing their mental well-being and keeping them safe.

Impact of Your Donation (How Your Donation Will Be Used)

Your donation will help maintain Helpline 163 and support Bantay Bata in rescuing and safeguarding more abused children needing urgent help. With Bantay Bata, you can make a lasting impact, break the cycle of violence, and create a brighter future for children.

Join us in making a difference. Take action today and be a hero in a child's life.